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About Karise

About Me

My purpose in life is to help you share your vision with the world through photography, design & strategic planning, which is something I Love to call visual communications!”


 I am Karise Allen, MFA., Founder and CEO of K.Len Creative Agency,  A visual communicator, photographer able to pose a person to perfection, designer, multimedia journalist, digital marketer, brand ambassador, educator, painter, creator, Innovator, and entrepreneur, with the ability to help YOU visually communicate your message. I have truly, had a long lasting love affair with communications starting out in Radio Television & Film, to News Paper, Photography, Design, Marketing & Branding .

I have been fortunate to stumble upon my role in life which is to help people visually communicate their message to the world with photography, digital marketing and through journalism.  I enjoy pulling a team of professional together so that we can help You define your needs, through strategy, innovation and creative direction and see it come to life..  

My love affair with life...( I personally love wine, traveling, hosting events, jazz, cooking, reading fantabulous books, fresh flowers and plants, butterflies floating in the air, spending time with my love, my family, close friends, people watching, volunteering to help children or the homeless and the elderly, and freaking AAAA YESSSS.....listening to public access radio like whyy or ( My friends hate to ride with me."lol) and being near a body of water listening to the waves crash. I also love the scent of my scarfe marinated in pertouli, bergamont or lavander oil, and last but not least I love the sound of a record crackle :).  

I look forward to meeting you if I have not.