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Childrens Hopes

Life is so fulfilling when you are able to give love to someone, or help someone to accomplish their Hopes and dreams in life. I  was mentor for 2 days with Pontiac Buick GMC and Linda Solomon, a world renowned photographer in helping young children find their hopes in life.

The children were taught photography techniques, such as angles, where to stand when taking photos, the difference between a vertical and a horizontal photograph, and the importance of focusing on something and capturing the true essence of what it is they hope for.

You would be amazed to hear some of the things the children hoped for, one child hoped for the world to come together and form a unity among the different races, the child then photographed kids of different complexions holding hands. “ I hope for my family to be closer”, raven 10 years old said. These children will focus their lenses on what they want their world to be when they grow up.  As I followed the group I mentored around, I could see how the Children were able to express themselves through their lenses, they asked several questions as well as helped one another with creative ideas through the process.

“ It is amazing how intelligent the kids are, the way they were able to arrange their thoughts and express them by going through the Salvation army and finding things that may express there hopes”. Says Mariah". One of the girls I mentored, said I was her role Model which filled my heart with an abundance of joy. Look how serious he is in writing down his hopes.

Karise AllenComment